Artistic Director

Suzanne C. Steinbach Artistic Director


Suzanne began her dance education at age 4. Her mother was a dance teacher, and enrolled her at the school where she had trained, The Crystal School of Dance. Suzanne took class with Mrs. Dorothea Riegert for 2 years and then transferred to her mother's school where she studied all forms of dance, particularly ballet, tap, jazz, and acrobatics. When she was 11 years old, Suzanne decided to add more ballet into her already full schedule and began studying with Theresa Cura at The Village Dance Studio. Suzanne still desired more for her training and auditioned for The Mt. Laurel Regional Ballet when she was 15. After 1-2 years of intense study with Lorraine McAdams, she was accepted into the Corps de Ballet of The Mt. Laurel Regional Ballet Company.

Suzanne continued her studies taking classes with such renowned instructors as Dorothy Lister, Jamie Salmon, Finis Jhung, Alexei Yudenich, Patti Harris, Lizanne McAdams-Graham, Kerina Connor, Jerry Rose, Brad Parquette, and many more. Suzanne also began teaching at The Lowe Dance Studio, helping her mother with the full load of teaching responsibilities. Suzanne loved teaching and choreographing, and made the decision that this would be her career. She has taught in many local dance studios and has developed a ballet program at Lowe Dance Studio that has been compared to many professional institutions for young ballerinas-to-be.

To give her students more performance experience, Suzanne formed a dance ensemble for Lowe Dance Studio. Thus, The Voorhees Danse Ensemble emerged. The Voorhees Danse Ensemble are the serious dancers of The Voorhees Ballet Theatre who perform all over the Delaware Valley.

Suzanne was married to a wonderful, patient husband and they have 4 beautiful children, all of whom dance and perform every opportunity.

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